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Realtree Outfitters™ #8 Electric Meat Grinder by Weston® Gets NAHC Seal of Approval

The North American Hunting Club has given our Realtree #8 Electric Meat Grinder (650 Watt) its seal of approval.

The Realtree Outfitter No. 8 Electric Meat Grinder by Weston features a .87 horsepower, 650 watt motor, sausage stuffing capabilities, and comes with a Realtree AP camoflauged cover.

Not only did it get the NAHC seal - it got a 100% approval rating! That means every member who tested our grinder said they would recommend it to a friend.

Check out some of the feedback below from NAHC members...

"I have a big and heavy 2.5 horse power LEM grinder and this Weston one is smaller, lighter, and gives about the same performance. We have a small meat shop and it ground up 32 pounds of sausage in 22 minutes. I would recommend this to any do it yourself hunters that might want to cut some costs on meat processing, or even a small meat shop just starting out."

For the last 2 years, I have been grinding and stuffing here at home and I have burned up 3 grinders.... This Weston grinder is fairly quiet and simple to use, has very good power, and I can tell you: I tried to overload this baby, but it kept on going! Very impressive! I ground up 60lbs of deer and even though it is a counter top piece of equipment, it never moved 1 inch... Overall I am impressed - actually thought I would be sending this one back like the others I used. I definitely suggest this product to everyone."

"I have used other meat grinders in the past, and I have to say that this machine is by far the best I have ever used. I put this grinder through three whitetail deer (around 150 lbs. of meat total). I used it to grind the meat first and then I used the sausage stuffer [attachment] to make three different kinds of sausages (around 50-60 lbs.). This grinder is easy to use.... The clean-up was a breeze. I would finish with one type of sausage and within 5 minutes, the machine was clean, dried and ready to go for another round." 

 "Plenty of power to grind meat fast. Performs well."

"In my opinion, this grinder performed as well as any grinder I have used that costs much more than this one. I ground venison and the machine handled it with ease. Very very good quality product - very pleased."
"It has a great appearance and worked excellent for the deer meat we harvested. The camo cover is also very good."

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richardwilkins said...

I think this is the meat grinder that I've been looking for and it is really nice to know that it has a NAHC seal and based from the specifications about this product I think it's just like Waring Pro Meat Grinder with quite difference in size and power. I'll gonna get one of these and see if it is available in