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Red Wine Mushrooms with a Weston Dehydrator

Intensify the flavor of your mushrooms with your favorite red wine and a Weston Dehydrator.

Makes about 3 cups

- Ingredients -

1 lb of your favorite mushrooms (we used portabella)
6 oz red wine

- Tools -
Weston Mandoline Slicer
Weston Dehydrator

There are a few ways you can get fresh mushrooms for this recipe. One would be to get them from a local market. We are lucky enough to have Cleveland's West Side Market nearby. I got these beautiful, giant portabellas 3 for $3 at my favorite vegetable stand there, right on the corner, Ehab's Produce.

If you're ever in Cleveland, our West Side Market is an absolute food destination. 

You could also forage them. Morels are excellent when prepared this way. Finally, you could grow your own. There are even kits to do so.

Aren't these giant, dirt-stained portabella mushrooms gorgeous?

So once you have your mushrooms, you're going to want to rinse them and remove part of the stem to get the dirt off.

Slice them in half, then use the Weston Mandoline to slice them the rest of the way. The thinner you get them, the quicker they'll dehydrate — but you want them to still be meaty, so I set it to 4mm.

Slicing your mushrooms with a mandoline ensures they're all a uniform thickness... which translates to uniform drying. So they'll all be dehydrated evenly and will be ready at the same time.

Arrange the mushroom slices on the trays of the Weston Dehydrator, keeping space between them. Dehydrate for 3 hours, or until completely dry.

Two massive portabellas fit perfectly on our 4-Tier Dehydrator.
If you really love mushrooms, you should grab one of our larger dehydrators.

At this point, you can store them in mason jars and rehydrate in soups or sauces whenever you need them.

Our mushrooms slices, packed away neatly in two mason jars, ready for using however and whenever we want.

OR you can heat 6 oz of your favorite red wine to boiling, remove from heat, and drop in the mushrooms. Allow them to soak for 30 minutes to an hour.

That's it. You can use them for all kinds of great things, like our Spinach Lasagna Rolls or on top of steaks.

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