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Strawberry Jalapeño Roll-Ups in a Weston Dehydrator

We essentially made strawberry jam, mixed in jalapeño, then dehydrated it.

The result? Probably the best fruit "leather" you've ever had.

Makes about (8) 1" rolls

- Ingredients -
32 oz strawberries, quartered & leaves removed
½ cup sugar (optional)
1 small jalapeño

- Tools -
Weston Tomato Press (a Food Mill or Cone Strainer will also work)
Weston Food Chopper
Weston Dehydrator

Strain the strawberries with the Tomato Press. Place the strawberry puree into a pot and bring to a gentle boil. Pour in the sugar and stir 3-5 minutes, until thickened (yes, like jam).* Remove from heat.

Using the Weston Fruit & Tomato Press to puree the strawberries

Use a Kitchen Kit or Mixer with the chopper attachment, 3-in-1 Grater, or Multi-Chopper to chop the jalapeño finely. Stir into the strawberry puree.

Lay a sheet of parchment paper over a Dehydrator tray. Pour the strawberry liquid over the tray, starting in the center, until spread evenly across the tray. A spatula helps.

Dehydrate at 145°F for 8 hours, or until the fruit leather is set all the way through.

Use scissors to cut the leather into 1" strips (keep the parchment paper on them), then roll them up into pinwheels. Store in an airtight container for up to a week, or refrigerate and enjoy for a couple of months.

*Why make jam first? 
It's true - most fruit leather recipes are as simple as spreading pureed fruit across a dehydrator tray. We found that making a thicker, jam-like puree before dehydrating allowed us to make a thicker, stickier fruit leather (much more similar to store-bought). A thin spread makes truly leathery fruit leather - not nearly as pleasing a texture to snack on.


Strawberry puree said...

Hmm... interesting. I feel curious about its flavor!

Unknown said...

I've read sugar in fruit leather can crystalize. I use agave syrup or honey. Even corn syrup, but I don't use it. Just got done with a week of dehydrating strawberry and raspberry fruit leather.