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Deep Fried Cajun Mesquite Wings

Trust us: These are the wings you're going to want to serve on game day.

Makes 10 whole wings

- Ingredients -
3.5 lbs whole chicken wings (about 10)
3 tablespoons Weston Cajun Jerky Seasoning
3 tablespoons Weston Mesquite Jerky Seasoning
½ cup butter, meltedVegetable oil (depends on which fryer you own):

  • 15 cup: 15 cups, 120 oz or if purchasing new, a gallon bottle (you'll have a little left)
  • 12 cup: 12 cups, 96 oz, two 48 oz bottles
  • 8 cup: 8 cups, 64 oz bottle

- Tools - 
Weston Deep Fryer
large bowl for tossing

Preheat oil to 375°F (takes around 15 minutes in the 15 cup fryer)

Set the Deep Fryer to 20 minutes. When the wings are golden brown and floating, they are ready.

Toss them in melted butter.

Sprinkle with seasonings.

Toss again until well coated.

That's it!

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