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Roasted Salsa Verde

When the tomatillos start to come in I always get a hankering for salsa verde, and there's nothing like picking your produce from the garden.  

Tomatillos are in the same nightshade family as tomatoes, and their cultivation dates 
back to pre-Columbian times in Mexico. However, they have a very different flavor profile from their tomato sibling with hints of  tangy citrus, especially when eaten raw.  Roasting them adds depth and smokiness to the salsa.

The fruit grows inside a papery husk, and you know its time to pick them when they fill the husk and start to break through.

After removing the husk, the fruit needs to be rinsed to remove the sticky residue

Salsa verde is a staple in Mexican cooking and can be prepared in multiple ways, cooked and raw, and served to add a fresh flavor to meats, Mexican dishes like enchiladas, or eaten with tortilla chips.

Makes 2 cups

- Ingredients -

- Tools - 

Weston Professional Blender  (coming Summer 2017)

How To 

Pre-heat broiler

Roast peppers and tomatillos under broiler until well roasted (about 5 minutes and then flip over for another 5 minutes)

Blend peppers and tomatillos together

Add cilantro and blend to preferred consistency ( I tend to leave mine coarse)

Mix in chopped onion and add salt to taste

Lime juice is an optional addition

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